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limiting peers


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you can set how many connections max per torrent in the preferences > Bittorrent menu. you can also set how many upload slots you want to have for each person if you right-click the torrent and go to properties.

I would personally just use the speed guide (ctrl+G in utorrent) and have it set the values for me.

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Upload slots are usually limited to 1 per ip PER torrent.

So if you're running 2 torrents, the same ip could connect to both torrents.

Upload slots are the number of peers µTorrent tries to upload to at any given moment. This is to prevent splitting the upload speed too thin. Better to upload at 5 KiloBYTES/sec to 4 people at a time (and cycle through) than 1 KiloBYTE/sec to 20 people constantly, even though "math-wise" they add up to the same total rate.

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I only run 1 torrent.I can upload at 7/8kB/s.Can I limit the number of peers who can connect fullstop,as opposed to the number of peers who I can be uploading to at any one time?

EG:2 peers are leeching off me,and sharing with each other.It seems to slow right downwhen 3 and 4 connect to me.

BUT:if I could only seed to 1 and 2(who have+60kB/s),and they can seed to 3,4,5etc,it would make it smoother perhaps?

The files are all -200MB,if I only get 2 peers it takes hours,if there is 3,it takes a day to get 1 completed file up.

I tried the 2 upload slots....and all the peers connected,but it 'seemed'1 and 2 stopped getting off me until 3,4,etc caught up.

I think what I'm asking isn't viable? :/

Thanks again

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"Can I limit the number of peers who can connect fullstop,"

Of course you can. like Invy already answered!

That's one of the basic default features in µT you have under CTRL+P -> BitTorrent -> number of connections

But for you with your limited uploadspeed maybe more interesting is this one; "Initial seeding"

if you have only limited bandwith and you want to get stuff out with the least amount of "double seeding"-pieces, then use the initial seeding checkbox. (in the torrent properties it is)

(be aware that Bit Comets as peers don't play well with you under this condition. You will archive better distribution results if you block them when you do initial seeding)

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