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Port fawarding and slow speed help!


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my first post and first day on utorrent i have read all the speed guides on the forum and have made the adjustments but i seem to still be getting about 12kbytes per second, which is strange becuase when the slowspeed tutorial asked me to go to http://www.slackware.com/torrents/ to see if the speed increase, it did which must mean that the file i was downloading had small amount of seeders.. i had 9(11) so im wondering if that sounds rite.


2. I was told if i did not have the green light in the status bar..bottom right hand corner then i hadnt fawarded the ports, but i followd that tutorial as well in utorrent and i went to my router Dlink-504T and put in 15121 as the port and it wwent through, but when i went to speed guid and test ports it came up as not being open....

please help L(

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