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uTorrent Stops Downloading !!!!!!!!!


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i have a problem with utorrent V.1.6.1,

i can realy download with a good speed all the time (speed can reach 90% of my maximum download speed with download managers).

BUT, suddenly u torrent stops download & i can't get high speed again for days . then it begin downloading normally again, & so on . . . . . . . . . .

a screenshoot with the speed,


the port is correctly forwarded:


*my router is D-Link DSL-524T.

*windows xp pro.

*windows xp firewall.

*nod32 anti virus.

Please consider that the program stops downloading with no configuration changed, just stops alone.

any contributes are welcome.

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I have the same problem but it appears only for one torrent. Does this happen to all torrents you download?

this problem affects all torrents .

Your ISP is a new one in Egypt, right? ("New" in the last 2 years I mean.)

It may have started throttling/blocking BitTorrent traffic.

if this the issue, shouldn't the encryption protocol handle this?

am i missing any settings to activate the encryption protocol?

another thing that could help, when this problem starts it does only affect my download speed, which means i can upload with my maximum upload rate while downloading is 0.0KB/S ! ! !


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Many ISPs are also blocking/throttling "suspicious" traffic as well, so even encryption (alone) won't help.

If it's not your antivirus or firewall causing the problem/s, I don't know what would cause your problem.

Try uninstalling them and using Windows XP firewall for protection for a little while.

...Just be careful where you web surf, bad websites are a FAR bigger threat than anything else right now. :P

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i reinstalled a fresh copy of win xp hoping that this fix the problem, i tried downloading before installing any kind of apps (especially antivirus or firewall).

Unfortunately nothing changed. but one thing that is realy startd to be a behaviour of the problem is that i can start downloading with full speed on a specific time (i would say from 3:00 AM & for about 6 hours then the prob is on again).

so, could this be a matter of isp problem or what?


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I live in South Africa, I use Vodacom SA as my ISP with a HSDPA connection using a HSDPA USB modem. All my normal downloads work fine but when I try to download torrent files IT FRUSTRATES THE LIVING DAYLIGHT OUT OF ME!! Sorry.

I paid a lot of money to get access to these websites in order to download programs etc. I am looking for Autocad XXXX, when I start the download it tells me there are 191 Seeds and 324 Peers. The ETA is infinite time, my download speed is 1.4kB/s and upload is 1 kB/s.

I have windows XP SP2, windows firewall only and connect directly to my ISP with the USB HSDPA modem. I don't know if thy throttle torrent traffic but according to them they don't.

I ran a speed test to Speakeasy - Palo Alto CA.

Download speed = 358kB/s, 314kB/s


I have enabled the encryption setting on utorrent and tried nomerous other things stated in the forums. NO luck.

Any one have any idea what I can do or where I can find a http download of Autocad 2008?


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Almost all internet connections through a USB port tend to be VERY poor at handling UDP packets or just lots of (TCP/IP) connections in general.

You almost have to use dial-up like settings, or your modem/USB will stuff up and either quit working or slow down to a crawl.

Follow Ultima's first FAQ in his signature, and see if that helps.

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