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Slowdown when my laptop screen is closed


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My utorrent is working perfectly but when I close the screen of my laptop, the connection drop to nearly 1 ko/s. Then when I open it, it will come back to 250 ko/s.

I'm using Vista,utorrent latest version.

And yes! I disabled the option concerning energy management like stop hard disk is set to never etc, etc, etc...

Do you have any idea?

Thanks a lot!!!

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Thanks but I'm not a newbie. I disabled everyting link standby, stop hard-drive, etc...

I test with a normal download using IE. I close my screen after I started the download and everything works fine. So its occur only using utorrent.

The download speed seem to drop when there is no activity on my computer. So I develop a small vb.net application which move the mouse of 1 pixel every 5 secondes and it helps!!! :P Now when my screen is close, the connection will drop to 5 ko/sec after +-15min.

The problem still there and I don't know why.

Thanks for your support

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