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Latest UTorrent Beta Build, Speeds reach max, and slowly drops...


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Hi guys,

I am using the latest UTorrent build and am downloading a 350mb file with LOADS of seeders ( Torrent from EZTV ). I am using a 1.5mbps Singnet line. All my configurations are correct and I got the green tick at the bottom.

The problem is, the speed increases to around 190kBps ( which is almost max ) and then drops to 1kBps after about 1/2 hour. After a further 5 mins, I am not downloading the torrent at all. I am neither downloading or uploading. I restarted UTorrent and now its fine again. Is this a bug? Or a problem wth my configuration? I am using Vista Ultimate with 1gb ram and a further 2.5gb ReadyBoost.

Thanks all.

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