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µTorrent creates an incorrect UPnP portmap


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... when the machine has more than one network interface. My box has two network interfaces: a real card, connected to my ADSL router (IP: 192.168.254.x) , and a dummy "virtual" interface, used for development tests.

The second interface IS NOT reachable from the router, however µTorrent keep creating the UPnP port forwarding pointing to this interface. I've even tried setting the advanced option "net.bindip" to reflect the network interface I want µTorrent to bind to, but this doesn't seem to affect the UPnP mapping. The only satisfactory solution I found so far is to manually edit the port forwarding tables and disable UPnP in µTorrent.

It would be nice to:

1) Add a combo box to select the desired network interface, if more than one is present, or

2) At least respect the "net.bindip" option for UPnP mappings, and document it somewhere

Anyways, µTorrent STILL rocks, and I love it :-) Keep up the good work!

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