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"Move Completed Downloads" - Files Xfer Status


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When enabling the option to move completed downloads elsewhere, it would be nice to see the progress of the file transfer from old folder to new.

A column viewable in the main page with an icon to show the transfer is complete.

Even better, have the graphical display change color and show the progress of the transfer.

This feature would be especially appriciated with large folders/files. Manipulating the folders/files when they're still being transfered will result in errors/corruption.

I look Forward to seeing this little Feature in the Future ; ]

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Yes! I need this too. I'm setting up a utorrent to move completed torrents to USB-flashdrive, and since my usb can only be written to at 5mb/s it would be nice to know the status such as % transferred, estimated time left etc.

An option in utorrent to use windows default transfer manager would be ideal.

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