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Uploading, but can no longer browse, Utorrent removed but still no joy

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Hi there,

I have read through the FAQ's, apologies if this has been covered off already, if you can point me to the right thread I'd be grateful.

Set up UTorrent the other night (latest version) and had it working well, used this guide to increase speed: http://www.bootstrike.com/Articles/BitTorrentGuide/index.html#port_forward

in the morning the torrents had stopped downloading, but were continuing to upload.

I had followed the following guide to make my connection speed quicker: I could no longer browse to the internet or ping default gateway, although network connection showed traffic going out. Hooked up my laptop and that is working fine.

I tried everything in the FAQ's on here uninstalled Utorrent and rebooted, but still no joy. Connection shows traffic going out but none going in.

It is a windows XP Pro addition PC with Windows firewall only (which I have switched off but still no connection) Is there any known bugs I could have downloaded along with the stuff I was streaming?

Thanks in advance,


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I'd be more worried at this point at what ELSE is 'running' on your problem computer.

µTorrent's alot like a canary in a coal mine. Next-to-nothing may make it keel over dead, but rest assured if that happens...it's usually not the "bird's" fault and you probably better discover soon just how bad conditions in the mine really are!

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