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Blank Spaces on Main Window


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if you take a look at the picture above i guess you can tell the problem i have.

this started since i installed Granado Espada its a long shot on having the error connected to that since its a game. anyways I have NOD32 for antivirus the FAQ said Mcafee and Norton I used to have Norton but since i have uninstalled it. I was wondering what the fix it could it be my vid card or some sort? the option works properly its just the main window where the torrents are doesn't show. I've read threads related to this but it doesn't help resolve my problem. Before this happened i used the Beta release of Utorrent and now i deleted it and reverted back to the stable version of Utorrent.

bTw running Windows Vista i have set it for compatibility mode but i never had it before and it working properly.

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