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100 cpu, 1 active download


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As soon as I use utorrent, my CPU goes to 100% (on one core), task manager shows 50-60% (dual-core cpu, so 100% on one core), and most of the CPU bar is red, meaning kernel time. In the processes tab, utorrent shows 0% cpu, but it is definitely utorrent doing something massive.

One download, no old torrents or files in the download folder. It sits at 100% cpu for a minute or two, then goes down to normal activity (0-1%) for a few minutes, then goes back up to 100% for a few minutes, and so on.

uTorrent seemed the perfect client to use, but this is unacceptable.

Anyone else have this problem?

(Turned off firewalls and virus protection, no anti-adware or other protection software active)


Finally, I seem to have solved it, after MONTHS of aggravation. I disabled the 'Use additional upload slots if speed < 90%'.

After that, the phenomenon seems to have stopped.

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