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Private tracker login


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A nice little page where you list the announce url of the tracker; the login page for the tracker; username; password. and when a torrent is started and you aren't allready logedin it will automaticaly log you in. This is most useful to people with dynamic ips who need to login often to make sure the ip is being reported correctly(with out locking the ip using the "IP to report to tracker:" option. Its easy to do, and useful to people like me.

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Or uTorrent can just go to the login page in a "browser" and use the form inputs to put in the username and password. Firexox does it with the search box. uTorrent does it with the search box.

Edit, uTorrent doesn't use the form inputs, it use $_GET[]

An example

# Mozilla/Google plug-in by amitp+mozilla@google.com

name="Google" //The name
description="Google Search"
method="GET" //Wether the search use $_GET[] or $_POST[]
action="http://www.google.com/search" //The page to send the input to

<input name="q" user>
<inputnext name="start" factor="10">
<inputprev name="start" factor="10">
<input name="ie" value="utf-8">
<input name="oe" value="utf-8">

charset = "UTF-8"

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Just for the record Firefox doesn't support the POST method :P

I really don't see why this should be uTorrent's job. If uTorrent supports this (not sure) then just get a dyndns or my-ip account and use that address as the "report to tracker" address and have the address be automatically updated. That should solve the problem.

I definitely don't want to see uTorrent turning into a browser not only because there's no need but also because that would be mean that it would be more tied in with Windows or the IE core.

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You could always just do something like what the Opera search.ini uses...

So it says "input configuration" and you enter..


or however your "private tracker" works. Then µTorrent will convert %u and %p to the username and password you enter.

FYI, the syntax for a tbsource-based site is, afaik:


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Private trackers are not a part of the BitTorrent specification. As such, I sincerely hope this is never considered for this, or any other decent client - implementation would be difficult enough, since it is tracker-based and differs depending on code and implementation, rather than a standards-based approach. I also hope it never becomes a standard :)

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