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Reasoning behind 'Maximum number/connections/torrent'?


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I'm brand new to utorrent (and P2P in general), and while I've scoured these forums and various other sources (and crammed in a lot of information in the process/ whether I understand it is another question!) I cannot get my noddle around this setting.

I have a 129u/960d connection, 2 max active torrents, 1 max download (that way i'm always seeding and maxing out the ul bandwidth)), 1 ul slot/torrent (checked additional slots), throttled the ul at 10kB when downloading, maxed it out at 15kB when seeding only (works fine ul speeds average between 14-16kB)- but I can't figure what the best no of connections/torr is. The speed guide says 55/torrent, but what's the point of being connected to 55 peers with 1 upload slot (or 2-3 depending on the connection speeds), and doesn't it also take up unnecessary ul bandwidth when dl? Doesn't starting low (ie 16-20 connections) and gradually augmenting the no of connections achieve better speeds?

Another question is: am I limiting my dl speeds by ul 2 files (dl 1,seeding 1), ie by limiting the ul bandwith to the swarm I'm dl from? And if so, will forcing the dl connection prioritize ul to that swarm? Or does it not make any difference how much and to whom I ul as long as my overall ul speed is >6kB?

Since when seeding only, my ul limit is 50% higher (15kB to 10 when dl), it's better all round if I dl faster, and then seed only to achieve decent ratios (not easy on a 130k connection!).

I hope I've made some kind of sense here!


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Overhead from having too many connections started can kill connections. If your connection isn't fast enough, then if you allow too many connections, µTorrent spends more time and bandwidth saying hello (connecting) to other clients rather than actually downloading from them. It's a waste.

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Except for very fast connections, having beyond 30 connections per torrent is a waste.

You probably should increase upload slots per torrent to 2, it will more than double your chances of finding a fast peer on a very large torrent. ...and your average upload speed per upload slot will be 2.5 KiloBYTES/sec, so long as more upload slots aren't needed due to slow downloaders.

That's well above the 1 KiloBYTE/sec that's really needed to keep from breaking the protocol.

Speed Guide (CTRL+G) really does suggest some silly maximum global and per-torrent connection limits for the lower-end internet lines. Even dial-up is set to 20 connections per torrent and 30 global! It probably shouldn't be more than 10 global, and even that's probably overkill.

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That's well above the 1 KiloBYTE/sec that's really needed to keep from breaking the protocol

What does this protocol take into account: individual connections to peers or overall ul bandwidth? Is it best (when like me you have an average connection) to focus your ul bandwidth on the swarm when dl, and 'share it out' across a couple of torrents when seeding only?

Also, I've capped my conn/torr to 20, with 2ul slots/torr. But I reckon I'll be tweaking for a while!..

Thanks for your help so far, this is a steep learning curve!

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I still recommend 1 upload slot per torrent, with <90% enabled... since you have 2 torrents running all the time, if you have 2 slots per torrent, that's 4 upload slots... if you have downloads ignored because they're slow, but they're still sending to other peers, you could have 6...

Really... leaving it at 1 with <90%, gives the client full control to dynamically allocate resources to seeding.

The protocol takes both individual and overall upspeed into account, depending on the purpose.

The global caps, when it comes to limiting your downloads. It is ok if you are uploading at 3kB/s from time to time for instance. Your downloads aren't limited by the actual speed, but by the cap limit, so if you have your upstream capped at 10kB/s, you are only getting 2kB/s cuz the peer(s) don't want it any faster, you won't be penalized for it, since you are still allowing more to be sent.

Individually, tho, you wanna keep your speeds per peer up, to avoid being snubbed. You know how much you hate being connected to peers that only send you a trickle of 0.3kB/s, continuous or intermittent. The peers connected to you, hate that too. That is most often caused by idiot settings, set by idiot people, who don't know what the hell they're doing.

You gotta keep in mind, that it isn't the individual peers that matter when it comes to seeding. All that matters is the swarm, so if a peer is choked for a while waiting for it's turn, that's ok. Rather be choked than trickle-seeded to, anyday. If that connection is choked too long (5min by default), the connection will be reset, and available for another peer to try. Give it time and let it do its thing, and you'll have a decent group of peers that are sending to you reliably, and vice versa.

-- Smoovious

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