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Is it possible to seed to 1 IP?


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Oh, I see but I just wanna let my friend download it faster and am not planning to help others downloading, I know this is unfair and I find it nice that uTorrent doesn't have Peer prioritization but I was wondering if it was possible ^^ O and DreadWingKnight, it does help ^^ he suddenly dled much faster about 50kb/s more =D

PS: XD I'm Evil?

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Or just block the tracker by editing the traker listing in the torrent file from inside µTorrent.

Right-click on the .Torrent listed in the top window of µTorrent, and choose Properties.

Copy and Paste the URLs there to a TEXT file if you wish to add them back later!

Delete the URLs, so the torrent doesn't try to connect to the trackers and get other peers/seeds.

Right-click on the torrent, choose Advanced, Clear Peer List.

Click the PEERS window tab at middle-left of µTorrent's window.

Right-click in the Peers window, and click Add Peer...

Add your friend's ip address WITH port number there.

NOTE: Your friend's connection MUST be unfirewalled for this to work!

Then START that torrent.

It should connect to just that 1 ip.

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