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50% of the time the port forward test fails


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I'm on a Linksys WAG354G, Win XP & Utorrent 7.

I've done the static IP setup and configured the ports, the port forward test only works 50% of the time.

I've enabled the "allow incoming legacy connections" and followed all instructions in the setup page.

I phoned my ISP (BT, in the UK) they said contact linksys.

What could be causing this problem, it used to work?

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1.7 i meant

i have disabled dhcp in the router settings.

i can enable it and do that though, i'll see if it works.

it doesnt make any difference, it still fails half the time

my download and upload speeds are on 10kb, im on a 2meg line

it doesnt make a difference if i enable or disable dhcp because im using a static ip.

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