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down speed v seed speed


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please help me. im not greedy, i down during the day and peer during the night.

problem is. my down speed hits almost 260 nearly all the time. when i try to peer, my up speed rarely gets above 25. everything is set to run at 0 (in all the bandwith boxes).

this prob is not resolved when i switch night and day for down and peer up.

im new to this and dont understand a thing about it.

i dont think i will be in and out of these forums much so if a really nice person can send me an e-mail...



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i found that my i p number was being blocked by doing this.

so found out my upload speed and changed it to around the same as my download speed.

this seemed to stop my ip being blocked but now i am soooooo slooow.

have i done the right thing?

or is there a way around this prob?

again, im hardly in these forums so... e-mail me if there is a way of solving this. i am using virgin.net with (soposedly 2 mb) connection.


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