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µTorrent 1.7 beta 2151


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I think all the µTorrent 1.7 betas are having slight problem with the option:

"Prevent standby if there are active torrents"

When activated the Monitor will no longer go into standby.

my PC is set to "Always On" with:

Turn off monitor = 5min

Turn off hard disks = Never

System standby = Never

in version 1.6.1 it was working properly as far as i recall

it only kept the machine itself from going into standby, but not the monitor.

now it keeps everything out of standby.

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if i disable the option

"Prevent standby if there are active torrents"

then the monitor goes back to standby properly.

i'm not exactly eager to go back to 1.6.1 just for this simple thing.

it's in WinXP SP2 (english) if that's of any help.

On the other hand i think i know why it was not noticeable in 1.6

back then i was still being throttled by the ISP, so it was mostly iddle

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Okay... this results might not be accurate.

but i did went back to 1.6.1 and it did in fact work.

but weird thing now is that after going back to 1.7 (2151) it is also working too, which makes me think i'm missing something

and that is an active Download

right now, i have about 5+ seeds uploading

so i don't know if it consider seeding as "active" or "iddle"

but when i noticed the "standby" never kicking in problem, was when i had downloads going on.



alright never mind it is confirmed now

some how in v1.7 beta

it does not goes into "monitor standby" mode if the option "Prevent standby if there are active torrents" is selected

after i removed v1.6.1 and installed v1.7 was probably holding onto something, and it worked

but after i closed v1.7, and loaded v1.7 again, then it went back to Always On, if the option was enabled.

by disabling the option, then the monitor went back to standby normally

last version tested v1.7 (2248)

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