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Completed download hides active seeders


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This isn't really a bug, but it's not really a feature request either.

After a download has been completed, all active seeders are hidden, so the client only shows other downloading clients.

Even if I have reached a 100% ratio, I often contribute seeding a while after completion if the number of seeders is low. However, hiding

the seeders makes it more difficult.

It would be great if you could make hiding seeders after completion an option.

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I'm not sure if I understand what you mean, but it doesn't hide the seeders from me after the torrent has completed. A torrent I'm seeding says " Seeds: 0 of 105 connected (136 in swarm) " and that gives me the information I need to decide whether I should continue seeding or just finish it.

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Seeders: 0 (136 in swarm) is not the same as 136 seeders.

When I complete my download, I would still like to see:

Seeders: 4 (132 in swarm)

and Avail. Info: 4.976 instead of 1.000

I agree that the available info should show the complete ratio (aka not just 1.000), but the seeders 4 (132 in swarm) would mean you are currently connected to (and possibly downloading from) 4 seeds out of 132 seeds. Which shouldn't be true when you yourself are seeding. The 132 tells you how many seeds there are, so you don't need anything more than that. But yeah I would like to be able to see what the availability of the torrent is while seeding. Aka if it's 2.000 I don't want to stop, but if it's 20.000+ and I've reached my ratio (usually 250%) then yeah.

Although, of course, you can tell that there are at least 132 copies, since each seed must have 1 complete copy lol ;) But yeah I like the little graph too :P


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