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My d/l speed is killing me slowly, help!


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i used to have download speed of about 100-120 kBs/s and upload speed of about 40 - 45 kBs/s, and then about a week or so ago, the speed got really bad (download 30 kBs/s, upload 30kB/s) so i tried experimenting with the speed settings, etc, even patching the TCP/IP, but they didnt seem to work and now it's coming to a almost a crawl (download 5-10kBs/s, upload 35-30 kBs/s).

This are the latest results of my speedtest

Description Filesize Time KBytes Kbits

(KBytes) (sec) per sec per sec

Download Speed 1026.24 5.31 193.19 1545.52

Upload Speed 1026.24 19.5 52.62 420.96

Status light : green, checked

Port checker : Checking port 51809 on

OK! Port 51809 is open and accepting connections.

You will be able to receive incoming BitTorrent connections.

Speed settings (current) :

upload limit : 35 kB/s

upload slots : 8

connections : 100

connections (global) : 500

max active torrents : 10

max active downloads : 10

encryption enabled

Operating system : windows XP Professional service pack 2 (version 2002)

Security software : AVG anti spyware (free edition), AVG anti Roolkit (free edition), NOD32 antivirus system, Mcaffee security system, Windows Firewall is on (utorrent is added to the windows firewall exceptions)

No router (i think)

Modem : Aztech ADSL Ethernet (DSL 600E)

ISP :streamyx (malaysia) IP address is obtained automatically (tm.net.my)

Internet connection: DSL (100 Mbps)

I'd really appreciate it if someone could help me. I've changed my settings so many times i dont even know what the original settings were. i've tried uninstalling then reinstalling utorrent, but the settings reminaed the same.

I've also tried other tweaks : net.max_halfopen : 50, peer.lazy_bitfield : true.

i've also tried patching the TCP/IP with EvID4226Patch223d-en.zip, but nothing happened.

what should i do now? pls help!

thank you


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ok, i've reduced my half open rate to 30 now, and max connections to 300, and running 4 torrents instead of 10. Still no improvement switeck.

and it's not my fault that my isp is stupid ultima, we only have one broadband isp in the country (yea, how pathetic i know).

is there anything else i can do?

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Try running just 2 torrents with per-torrent connection max set to 20 and global connection max set to 40. Reduce the half open max further to only 4. Disable DHT and Resolve IPs, as this is more for show...and costs bandwidth...than beneficial.

You could even go so far as block/allow only certain "faster" ips (such as those on the same ISP as you) to see if that speeds things up.

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