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transfer to.`s from utorr 1.60 to 1.6.1 after HD crashed


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First Hi!

My prob. is :I had utorr.1.6.0 installed,with all my torrents on a external 300GB Seagate hd

then the built in hd, I call it the "MAIN" hd crashed "C:/" and i had to reinstall all of it again

now I bought a new extra Matrox usb hd and installed the newer 1.6.1 vers. of utorrent

my question how can I get those torrents back(over 300), and get them into 1.6.1 without deleting them,or anyway harming them??

ps its lame of utorr 161 after EVERY new to. , to ask wher to save it i already specified the path grrr...

pps my hd "name" the seagate changed the name from"J:/" to "G:/" could it mean something???

a very,very confused user

bye Vegeta73

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