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utorrent won't upload...


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Looked all around and couldn't find anything that answered my question.

I seem to have a high upload speed, 23.23Mb/second, and I can download torrents very quickly, but I can't upload at all - my upload speed just shows 0. I have three torrents at the moment which I'm trying to upload, and it appears that 2 of them uploaded very minimal amounts last night, but now...nothing.

It could be that I set the wrong speed; I set it to xx/100Mbit and then changed the global maximum upload rate to 23230, not really knowing what I was doing...

This is what it shows under general, I don't know whether any of this suggests anything; I'm new to it and wondered if someone could help me out?


Many thanks, Emma Violet x

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"23.23Mb/second" probably means 23.23 megabits/sec...a far cry from the 23230 KiloBYTES/sec upload speed max you tried to use in µTorrent.

The closest Speed Guide (CTRL+G) setting to that is xx/20Mbit, so try that.

Your ISP may block seeding, so try various encryption settings...though they probably won't work versis the most severe seed-blocking. :(

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