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Status to not say "downloading" if not getting anything !


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Hi !

The "status" line should tell you what is going on with the torrent.

Often, there are torrents where the seed is not there (the person seeding only has use of the PC during certain times of the day, for example, or alternately, simply that everyone is waiting for a kind soul who has those files to notice that there is no seed).

In those cases, it would be very helpful for the status to NOT say "downloading", since no downloading is occurring, but instead say "working" or "connected" or some such.


IF torrent_download_speed > 0.0, "status" = "downloading"

ELSE IF torrent_download_speed = 0.0, "status" = "connected"

Thanks !!

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How about a color change ?

(Obvious no one is actually using the status word to give them the "status" of the torrent, they just want it to be sorted right. So, color would not change the sort order.)

If the torrent speed is 0.0, then the status word would be "downloading" in red, to indicate that something is not right.

BTW, it sounds like most of you are downloading the latest "cool" release, with 1000 peers, because most of my requests have to do with torrents with only a few peers. It's those dubious torrents where the features really matter.

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