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please help going mad


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Hello. im trying to download films but my speed is running at 1.2 to 3 at max my firewalls exeping u torrent my port is opened ive got good broadband speed at 6.6 so im doing some thing wrong someone please help as im totally lost ive tried reading faq but am still none the wiser as to what im doing wrong please give me step by step instructions as im also very new to computers your help wont be forgotten thanks in advanced wilsonrob.

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Punctuation helps us make sense of what you're trying to say. :lol:

When you say you have "good broadband speed at 6.6" ...what unit of measurement is that for? (KiloBYTES/sec, Megabits/sec, MegaBYTES/sec?)

Your broadband's download and upload bandwidth maximums are probably NOT the same, and you need to know your upload bandwidth max to properly configure µTorrent using Speed Guide (CTRL+G).

There are various FAQs and Guides you probably should read to help you get started.

They can be found here:


and here:


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