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need some help with utorrents working on vista


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recently reusing my old comp and installed vista on it.

apparently utorrent randomly halts while running on vista

especially when rechecking the files be4 download.

taskmgr.exe says the program is not responding.

does anyone hv the same prob?

P.S. Using Bitcomet is even worst, program starts and halts showing only torrent files, have to force shut down.


PD640, GA-8i945PL-G, 1gig ram, GF7600GT

74Gb Raptor (system core)

WD 200Gb (data drive)

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I've got uTorrent running on Vista just fine. Make sure you have the latest build of uTorrent, try the various packed releases (uncompressed, UPX, the other one), try applying the half-open connections limit increase patch for Vista (which has the same half-open connection limitations as XP had later on).

Since you're also having trouble with BitComet, though, I tend to think that your PC is just unreliable. You might want to run some stability tests. Try Prime95's torture test for CPU reliability. Run memtest86+ overnight (http://www.memtest.org/) to check your memory.

I actually ALWAYS recommend running memtest86+ on a PC if you never have, or if you get new RAM. Faulty RAM can be a really annoying problem because it doesn't causes outright failure. It just causes unexplained errors and crashes.

On my last laptop, I thought it was crashing a bit more than it should, so I ran memtest86+ overnight. Came back to see that it had found a few errors in the memory. I called up Kingston, took advantage of the SODIMM's lifetime warranty, and they shipped me a replacement right quick. When I popped the replacement in, the system was much more stable. They were really great about it. I just called them up and told them memtest86+ was showing errors, and they hooked me up right away.

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