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probable portforwarding problem - 3com


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Hi, I just got a 3com 3CR858-91 router to split my 1.5/1.0 DSL connection. I followed all the directions on the portforwarding index, for this specific router and for Utorrent, but never did the port open. I have the static IP set up and it's working well, and i have uPnP on Utorrent disabled. I have the port open as instructed, on the router. I tested the port numerous times within Utorrent along with http://www.canyouseeme.org/ and both always reported that the port was closed. I also tried using the uPnP within Utorrent and the router and it didn't work still. Even disabling the firewall within the router didn't help.

Other details: Using direct connection from my modem (Actiontec GT701-WG) has always been a solid connection with no problems with the uPnP and a green light in Utorrent, getting a constant 150 KB/s down and around 90 KB/s up. I have windows XP with windows firewall, and NOD32 and neither cause issues when directly connected from the modem to my system. The 3com router seems to be doing great otherwise. When the other system connected to the router isn't using any bandwidth i have access to the whole 150kb connection etc. The only problem seems to be with opening the port.

As it is now i'm getting around 40kb/s down, though my upload seems to be unaffected, still upping 90kb/s. I tried disabling DHT and it seems to help for maybe half a minute, jumping the bandwidth up to about 1 mb but then falls back down rapidly to around 40kb. With DHT on, it says either "0 nodes(login)", or "0 nodes(waiting to login)", with of course the red exclamation mark always on.

I've read everything at portforwarding.com and follwed everything there exactly, and read the FAQ here, and have done multiple searches here at the forums and followed any advice i thought might have applied to my problem, but never once did the port tests report that the port was open..

Now i'm at a dead end and don't know what else to try. Any info/ideas and suggestions would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.

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