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What do the peer/seed numbers mean? They don't seem to make any sense.


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This is something that I've always wondered about. I have a torrent downloading now that says:

Seeds: 7 of 8 connected (4 in swarm)

Peers: 55 of 74 connected (46 in swarm)

My confusion comes from the difference between the "7 of 8 connected". That means to me that either there are 8 seeds in the swarm, or my client knows about 8 seeds in the swarm.

But if that's the case, how come uTorrent thinks there are only 4 in the swarm? Obviously that's wrong, because I'm *CONNECTED* to more than 4 seeds.

Ditto for peers...

This is either a bug, or just badly labelled.... or I'm missing something. Can anybody elaborate?

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Yeah, the tracker shares in the blame, but uTorrent is presenting information that it knows to be wrong... If the same information is going to be displayed, it shouldn't be labelled "in swarm", it should be labelled "tracker estimate", or something similar.

Since virtually all trackers seem to report incorrect information here, the info is actually useless anyhow, and very misleading.

If not a UI bug, a poor choice of labelling, then.

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