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Behind 2 routers - "Red" Light, Speed dives up and down


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Im sitting behind 2 routers. The first router is in the restaurant under our apartment, we have a cable drawn up to us, and at first this was the only router we used since we only had one computer. Now we have 2 computers and needed to split up the signal, so we got ourself a wireless router.

The first router (in the restaurant) is a Linksys WRT54GSV4, at first this was the only router i used, one port open in the firewall and utorrent worked perfectly. I just had the cable plugged into my computer.

The second router is a Zyxel P-320w, as we use wireless. Ive opened the same ports in the router as the one downstairs.

now the tricky thing starts..

1) The Network Status Light in Utorrent is constantly Red (When we had just 1 router, the one downstairs it was green all the time)

2) The Port is ok, when i check via µTorrent Port Checker. Its open so there shouldnt be any problems??

3) Utorrent disconnects me from the internet. When Utorrent is running, the speed on the torrents reaches maximun, then the internet goes down, then i takes 10-15 seconds, then its back up. The torrents starts to load again, and after a minute or so, the internet goes down again.. and thats the way it goes. Whats wrong?

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