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Suggestoins? All peers stuck at 99.8%!


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Hi I've uploaded and seeded and original file. I have as many as 150 peers downloading. About 30 of those are at 99.8%. They will not bump over as seeders, but remain the same.

Some people have reported that their client keeps re-trying to D/L the last bit until the seed gets banned on their client.

Any ideas? Where should I start?..

Need help ASAP because a mutiny is erupting on my seed posting! ;)

Thanks in advance



Vista Ultimate

Netgear wireless

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Thanks, that seemed like it worked on one seed, but I have three more doing the same.

After the recheck,gets 99.9% of the torrent file and tries to download rest from peers.

Anybody know why after a recheck it won't get all 100% so I can push my D/L peers over to seeding finally?

I've tried copy and replacing those files with originals and but the missing bits (only about 700k) stay the same and it seems non of my D/L peers has those pieces so we're all stuck..

Any suggestions really are appreciated as the torrents are very popular but I can't close anyone out..

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You futzed with something after you created the .torrent file, and this altered one or more pieces -- it'll never reach 100%.

Stop the torrent. Recreate the .torrent file with the exact same (or smaller) piece size. Begin seeding at 1k/s. Upload the .torrent file again to the same sites you did the other. Post comments on the relevant pages directing traffic to the new .torrent file. Peers will begin to trickle in. When 99.8% guys finally show up and finish, quickly log-off (prompting them to continue seeding under a guilt-complex, provided you'd rather not do the whole thing again yourself). Check back periodically. Delete old web pages.

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Actually, you wouldn't even have to wait for other peers to become seeds -- you'd only have to wait for the availability to reach 2.0 or higher, and it'd be safe to leave even though there is no other seed in the swarm. Initial seeding helps make the availability reach 2.0 more efficiently.

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Thanks for the suggestion HoneyFrog..Worked fine, and aside from a little embarassment on my end, everything is working OK...So since there isn't much documentation on seeding, let me get this straight..


-I create a Torrent

-Set it to start seeding

-Open advanced properties & set Initial Seeding/Enable DHT/Peer Exchange

-File catches on forum and D/L peers start to build


-If it gets stuck at 99.8% or 99.9% stop it and force re-check

-If file has corrupt pieces, follow suggestion above using smaller piece sizes

-Have peers that are stuck re-download NEW torrent in D/L folder to finish remaining pieces.

-Watch for availability over 2.0 or strong seeding peers, then decide to let go or not..

Thanks for the help guys! BitTorrent is a great protocol even though theres a small learning curve to get all the nuances..

Any other seeding ideas or tips, myself and the other newbies would be appreciative.

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Any other seeding ideas or tips, myself and the other newbies would be appreciative.

1. Make torrents with much smaller piece sizes than default. Aim for about 12,000 to 15,000 pieces, give or take a couple thou.

2. Include more than one tracker and at least one "open" tracker. (Piratebay has a bunch.)

3. Don't make a torrent private or turn DHT off unless a site demands it.

4. Post to a big index site as well as the hole-in-the-wall you frequent.

5. Search Torrentz.com to see if it already exists before making it.

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In which version is this improvement incorporated? BitLord and BitComet still are gaming pretty easily in 1.6.1 (the really fast turn-overs seem to be curtailed, but the one's that wait a couple minutes after reception still appear to be slipping by.)

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