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uTorrent is eating my connections


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I am having a really confusing problem

I have been using uTorrent for quite a long time. Today something strange happened to my computer. When I start downloading using uTorrent all of my connections stop except for uTorrent. That is, I cannot browse the web, use IM, even I can't connect to my router. It is like uTorrent blocked all of my connections.

I uninstalled my firewall and nothing happened. Tried to fix the socket using WinsockxpFix.exe and nothing happened. Finally, I restored my windows to an earlier stage and nothing happened.

What make my problem even stranger is that I have used other torrent clients and they worked fine, i.e. Azureus and bitcomet.

Does anyone know the solution to my problem?

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Sorry I haven't read that FAQ

- I have uninstalled the firewall and restored Windows to an earlier stage and this didn't solve my solution. Also I have deleted anything related to uTorrent from my registry.

- The color of the network status light is green

- uTorrent's port is 33127, I changed it severl times since the problem came.

- I am using Windows XP SP2

- I have kaspersky antivirus and sygate personal firewall

- My router is speedtouch 585 and my dsl speed is 256

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I'm having a similar problem...

I'll link your to my thread just in case somebody replies to my thread first...



I actually have some progress.

Only thing that I changed was my Windows Theme (back to classic from Areao4 (http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/23369316/)

And maybe the net.max_halfopen set to 4 (from 60). The later setting has been like that for some hours but I hadn't tried restarting the modem/router/computer.

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