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Super Slow DL's, but Fast UL's


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hi, i love the program first off. But i cant seem to break 10k downloading with it. my sharing ratio is like 4.5 on this one torrent. mostly im just looking for help to speed up my dl's. i got Network OK, DHT is working fine. i just dont understand why its so slow. any help is welcomed

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I'm having an issue something like what your topic states... Really slow DL's but maximum speed UL's

here's my exact issue...

When I have uploading set to unlimited, my download speeds are around 10-20k MAX... The exact same torrentfile opened with Azureus gets speeds of 400-500k/s. On both clients, i have DHT/Trackerless torrents disabled, so please don't feed me any BS about the algorithm used.

Also, I use Az's peerguardian plugin to help block, so it's not an issue of blocking ip's...

Lastly, with uTorrent, i have to use PG2.. when i turn it on (nothing HAS to be blocked for this to be in effect... sometimes things are blocked, sometimes they are not) it immediately (without loss/gain of peer connections) drops my connection speed by 20k at minimum (sometimes bringing my connection to a complete stop without blocking)...

Please oh please help meh! I really don't want to go back to azureus.. 6mb memory and 150k footprint is too good to just give up on!

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well here are the stats on the torrent, that i am currently experiencing this with

10(27) seeds 25(91) peers dl avg 2k/sec while my uplaod is 25k/sec 11.56 ratio (i know its high)

this is basically what i get with all my torrents now when i use utorrent, but when i use bittorrent official its blazing fast.

please help me

DHT works fine

Network OK

port forwardering is working fine

winXP is the OS

cox is the isp

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Sometimes, limiting your upload rate will increase your download rate. This is especially true for asymmetric connections such as cable and ADSL, where the outbound bandwidth is much smaller than the inbound bandwidth. If you are seeing very high upload rates and low download rates, this is probably the case. The reason this happens is due to the nature of TCP/IP -- every packet received must be acknowledged with a small outbound packet. If the outbound link is saturated with BitTorrent data, the latency of these TCP/IP ACKs will rise, causing poor efficiency.

Use a client that allows limiting of the upload rate, and set it to around 80% of the maximum rate observed. It can be tempting to limit the rate to very small values. On very healthy torrents, this will not adversely affect the download rate. However, when there are fewer peers you will generally get higher download rates by allowing the highest upload rate possible before saturating the link -- the (approx.) 80% sweet spot.


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ok i got that torrent.

when using utorrent:

DHT disabled

Network OK

seeds 28(35)

peers 14(22)

DL 12.3K

UL 21.2k

the port is forwarded

there is no firewall

the firewall on the router has a rule to allow that to me

when i checked that open/closed port page it gives a green open.

when using bittorrent official

didnt count the peers and seeds

dl 316K

ul 12k

i dont know what other info you need, but i'll happily provide more

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After messing around with it alot, i decided to thoroughly compare settings between Azureus(AZ) and uTorrent(uT).....

AZ had the option of unlimited connections globally, and per torrent...

uT did not...

I attempted to mimic this by setting my global connections to max at 20,000, and per torrent to have 400 connections (thus only allowing 50 torrents, not that i ever have that many open)

This then maxed out my connection...

On my HTPC (a measly 1ghz machine) this took toll on the computer a little bit (not so much CPU as the hdd seemed to be tied up) so I limited connections per torrent to 200... still runs fast as hell and no more extra load.

Just an idea for those looking around for help

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There is a problem but i cant find out what the problem with uTorrent is ? Somehow i get very slow download speed

I have exactly the same problem. My max d/l speed with uTorrent is 3kB/sec. I think this is because Network OK does not show on the status bar and no one here has a clue how to resolve that. Until the 'Network OK' bug is ironed out I guess I will have to stay away from uTorrent.


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Like most in this thread, I'm having the same problem. I finally got curious enough to swap from Azureus to µTorrent, and so far, I'm disappointed. It's most likely a problem on my end, but I haven't the slightest idea what it could be. The torrent I'm downloading is achieving about 20 kb/s maximum download speed, while if I set the upload speed as unlimited, it's over 60 kb/s. When I ran the same file in Azureus, I was achieving over 100 kb/s download speed no matter what I did with my upload speed. I've tried strangling the upload speed in µTorrent, dabbling with Number of Connections, swapping ports, and just about everything suggested in this thread. I really enjoy this client, but if there's no way to fix this problem, I'll have to swap back to Hog Frog, and I really don't want that. So, in short, please help if you can. Thanks in advance.

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