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Can't get green light in Utorrent


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Sorry I wrote in wrong forum...

I had UTorrent work great until the last few days and now I can only get the red light. I have tried to manually set port forwarding using ports 49152 and 65535. But it still shows ports not connectable? I use websites like: ilovetorrents and demoniod and they show not connectable. I I still can get torrent but I cant share and it's killing my share ratios. I'm using Win XP and disabled that firewall and I use Panda and alllowed for Utorrent inbound and outbound client. I'm using an Actiontec GT701 WG router. I went to their website and went thru the steps of port forwarding. I thought I had followed it closely. I put in my IP (quick question) when you ipconfig/all It shows IP is that External or physical IP.? It just shows IP address..so I used that one and the default gateway and subnet mask. As for static Ip/ It looks like since I clicked in control panel obtain IP address automatically that it assigns a static address? Correct? If not I also went to getting your static IP address @portforwarding.com...but wasn't sure where to use it. I hope I have given enough info and I was clear so someone could help me. It seems like there are a lot of UTorrent guides out there and I still can't get going like before. My internet provider is my phone companyQwest. Thank in advance for your time and help

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