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Fluctuating/poor Upload Speeds - Correct Settings?


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Just wanted to make sure I have the correct settings set, cause some of that stuff tends to confuse me and I've noticed that my upload speeds fluctuate sometimes down to the point of a crawl. And for that matter so do my download speeds, anywhere from 50 kB/sec to 200 kB/sec (there's one website I download from that I consistently get around 490 kB/sec but thats the exception).

My speed test results are ~4050 Kb/s download and ~497 Kb/s upload.

Here's my current settings:

Connection Type: xx/384k

Upload Limit: 35 kB/s

Connections (per torrent): 80

Max Active Torrents: 3

Upload Slots: 4

Connections (global): 230

Max Active DL's: 2

Use additional slots if < 90%: Unchecked

DHT: Unchecked

Protocol Encryption - Outgoing: Enabled

Allow Incoming Legacy Connections: Checked

My ISP is SuddenLink and my router is a Belkin F5D5231-4.

Are these settings good are is there something I need to change?

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