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Problem i just can't seem to fix.


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Brief background first off; I'm totally new to the whole torrent downloading thing. I've only just got broadband and previously didn't want to keep my dialup running for weeks on end. I've chosen µtorrent because, well, apparently it's good.

But i seem to be running in to plenty of problems. So far most have been fixed by searching the forums. Things like my general internet traffic slowing whilst running torrents was fixed pretty quickly.

Either way I'm pretty certain I've done everything i can to try and remedy the general slowness I'm experiencing with torrents. Now it could be that I'm expecting too much but I think that getting a max of 17-20 kB/s per torrent is quite slow, if it's not please do correct me. Keep in mind that is quite fast for what I seem to be normally getting. Usually it's around the 5 kB/s per torrent with no more then 4 torrents downloading. Max speed I've ever had was downloading 3 torrents and I reached the lofty heights of 50 kB/s.

And before someone asks, the status alternates between NAT error and Network OK, rather randomly too.

So here's what I've done. The port for incoming connections is forwarded both on TCP and UDP. I also have ports 6881 – 6889 forwarded on TCP.

The important µtorrent stats are:

max upload = 20

max download = 80

global max connections = 200

max peers per torrent = 60

upload slots per torrent = 3

incoming port = 10001

UPnP and DHT are enabled and all the advanced options are at default.

Non µtorrent important bits:

1500/256 ADSL (nowhere near 20 Gig cap and ISP couldn't care less what we download)

NBL1300+4 ADSL modem (no idea of firmware version)

WinXP (SP2 installed and firewall off completely)

Only firewall is ZoneAlarm (which has green ticks for all things µtorrent)

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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its wierd that it shifts from Network Error to Network OK.

Anyway, do you have a patched tcpip.sys? if so, how many more half open connections can you get?

change net.low_cpu to false

oh, I'm no expert when it comes to ISP traffic shapping,

but the shifting of Network Error and Network OK can maybe be because of the ISP traffic shapping.

So maybe you should try to set peer.lazy_bitfield to true.

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changed those settings, seeing if it works. whats this patch u speak of? is it the one mentioned in the FAQ? i thought it wasn't needed but i'll do it anyway.

Additional post(s) merged from double+ post(s):

it's patched and i think it's now set to 50 as that's what it asked during the patch. and is gnoring the windows complaints a good or a bad thing?

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Well I went through all the trouble of typing what's below. You can patch, but might have been easier to find out what was wrong first and then apply the patch if everything else fails. Oh well. Up to you...


1) Looks like you might be having a problem with UPnP. Turn it off in µTorrent and manually punch it through your firewall(s) and router (make sure it is for TCP, and UDP if you want DHT). Make sure your router is giving you a static IP address. This should fix your flucuating NAT Error and Network OK. If not, then next...

2) ZoneAlarm may say it is good (all green ticks), but it still might need tweaking. If you turn it off and you improve in speed then there's your problem.

3) You don't need ports 6881 – 6889 opened since your listening port 10001 is the only one you need open (both TCP and UDP).

4) Make sure in Advanced Options that net.max_halfopen is 8 (since your computer is WinXP SP2, unpatched) and peer.lazy_bitfield is true.

5) Try the instructions found in http://azureus.aelitis.com/wiki/index.php/Increase_download_speed and the pages linking from it. They are for Azureus, but they are applicable to µTorrent as well.

and most important

6) Be aware that not all torrents are fast due to those you are connecting to. Try a well and fast seeded torrent like open office and see if you get the same speeds.

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ok... net.max_halfopen is now 48, redundant forwarded ports are gone.

gone through all the Azureus pages links and everything is as suggested.

turning zone alarm off for 5 mins did nothing but scare me.

adn one other thing bugging me, my ratio is about 1.5 on pretty much every torrent all the time because i'm uploading faster then i'm downloading.

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sh*t! must be the torrents... that's the sort of speeds i was thinking were possible. so whats normally a good ratio or number of seeds/peers? for instance i have a torrent running with 136 seeds but 1000 peers and it only goes about 7kB/s. another had almost 1000 seeds and only 500 peers and still went slow.

btw it's good to know the problem isn't mine :) thanks for your help guys

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There's no typical good ratio between seeds and peers, since on private trackers and distribution trackers, the seeder' usually don't set the slot- and speedlimits low, so the ratio won't matter much, as long as there are more than 5 seeds or so, but on public trackers, even a torrent with 2000+ seeds and 10 peers can be slow. It all depends on the peers you're connected to.

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