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Proxy for peer communication only.


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Currently in utorrent 1.6.1 (I have not looked into the betas), you can proxify your tracker communication alone or tracker+peer-to-peer communications. Thus I request a feature where I can proxify only peer-to-peer communication but leaving the tracker communication not through proxy.

I checked and Azureus 2.5 can do this. So it doesn't seem to be illegal or something.

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My ISP throttles BT traffic, thus I use VPN to bypass it. But as the private tracker I used is logging ratio by IP, I need the tracker to to track my real IP while using the VPN proxy to download and upload to peers.

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Yes I can, but the tracker is also used by other people who used the same VPN service. If someone else accessed the same tracker with the VPN, the torrent(s) they downloaded will be attributed to me thus ruining my ratio if they do not keep it 1:1.

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This is similar to a request I made a while ago, asking if it might be possible to specify separate proxies for peer-to-peer and tracker communications, which I guess if implemented would have to same affect (i.e. make it possible to use a proxy for peer-to-peer and not for tracker communications).

Is there any reason to assume that people will want to use the same proxy server for p2p and to the tracker? If you think about it, the type of data transferred and the characteristics of the exchange are very different.

Communications with the tracker are:

* Not at all bandwidth-intensive

* Not prone to being throttled

* Infrequent

Communications with other peers are:

* Very bandwidth-intensive

* Prone to being throttled

* Constant

Given how different the characteristics are, isn't it reasonable to assume that a person might want to use a proxy for p2p and not to the tracker, use a proxy to the tracker and not for p2p, or use a different proxy for each? Wouldn't it be an asset to utorrent if each of these configurations were possible, rather than just the second?

Sorry if it seems like I'm hijacking, but I do think that the issues raised by ranpha are pertinent to what I've said, and that if you did choose to make it possible to use a proxy for p2p while not for communicating with the tracker, it would be incomplete not to also add the ability to specify a separate proxy for each.

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can we expect this in an upcoming release? I am planning on tunneling my peer connections from school to an ssh server, and tunneling my tracker connections into tor (since they don't use much bandwidth), and I need to have separate proxy settings. (right now, I just have everything tunneled into my ssh server, but I want to have the tracker connections going into tor.

any chance we could see this in 1.8?

I really could use this option at school!

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Hi, I was just looking for that function in µTorrent 2.2 and couldn't find it, so is it still not possible to configure a proxy in µTorrent for P2P connections only?

I also would like to have that function because I use a tracker which doesn't allow connections from a VPN or proxy and blocks most of the well known. However I don't really mind showing the tracker my real IP, but would like to be more anonymous towards the other peers.

Right now it seems you can use a proxy towards the trackers only, towards the tracker and peers but not yet towards the peers only. If possible please consider implementing this feature in the future.

Thanks in advance :)

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