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utorrrent used to download but suddenly seized to download!


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Good day guys,as you already know about new guys here,i am one of them,but with my problem,i cant seem to target the proper solution from the many posts i have read in here,so heres my post:

My utorrent 1.61 was working perfectly for the last few days,then suddenly,without changing any settings,whatever torrents i add to utorrent to download doesnt download at all! I am running windows built in firewall and i tried disabling it but whatever i tried on my own did not work! I get a yellow triangle at the bottom of utorrent and no downloading ocurs. The strange part was that when i visited the normal site yesterday where i download torrents from which is www.btjunkie.org,a list of newly added movies etc are displayed,and just to see if any of those download,i downloaded a movie torrent and when i opened the movie torrent in utorrent,it began to download perfectly! But when i downloaded another torrent after searchin for one and when i started to download in utorrent,it did the same thing which was no downloading began! Any ideas on what i can try specifically to sort out my problem,much appreciated guys!

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