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Colum for, total or current seeding time on a torrent.


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How about a colum for the seeding time of a torrent.

what i mean is that if you started the torrent 36 hours ago then it iwll just keep counting up the time. this way you can sort your oldest runing torrents and delete them by the oldest seeded torrent you haev in your list.

may not be needed for everyone but could be handy.

possibility to have the option to show the total seeded time while the torrent exists in utorrent or the current session seeded time.

hope you understand what i mean.


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up :)

proposition: in 'torrent jobs list' add column [seeding time] to displays the total amount of time that has elapsed since position reached the seeding goal.

"some people might find useful to know the seeding time...since it's already used for the filter "Seed while" anyways"





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