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Optimal Upload Speeds


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Hi folks...

I am wondering what are the best settings/condition for good upload speeds.

I have heard about super seeding and am wondering if anyone has the time to explain it to me... and the settings needed.

I have been using uTorrent for a while now and know my way around most things...

Any help is appreciated!


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if you plan on being on the torrent long after other people finish getting the full file, you don't need to superseed. (there'll be a lot of debate on the benefits of superseeding and not superseeding, and I just don't see what the big deal is about superseeding to begin with, and won't debate the issue again)

What superseeding does, is it tries to control distribution of the pieces to the swarm. The algorithm used, varies from client to client, but generally it goes something like this:

You, the seeder, have all the pieces, but you won't show up as a seeder to the other peers.

You'll let different peers know you have different pieces. Oversimplified, you'll show peer #1 you have piece #1, peer #2 that you have piece #2, etc.

Once peer #1, has finished retrieving piece #1, you won't show another piece to that peer, until another peer (say #3), lets you know that it now has piece #1, proving that peer #1 has distributed what it got. If peer #2, isn't sharing piece #2 with anyone, it won't be shown another piece by you, until someone else has reported that it now has #2, proving that #2 has shared. If #2 is leeching and not uploading, it won't be shown another piece by the super-seeder, with mixed success IMHO.

It basically tries to micro-manage the piece distribution in the early stages of a swarm's life. It works well on some swarms, doesn't seem to work as well on other swarms. No real way to predict how well any seeding, super or otherwise, will do as every swarm is different.

If you just want to get a full copy out, and then split when you see another seeder connect, then you may want to super-seed. If you're not so worried about leaving the swarm as soon as you can, then normal seeding is probably better for you.

BTW... in µT... super-seeding is found in the individual torrent preferences, as well as on the add-torrent dialog, listed as "Initial Seeding"

-- Smoovious

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