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Little help please...


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I'm new to this forum so I apologise if a thread about this has already been made -

I'm using Be Broadband and going from a speed test my max download speed is 2889 kb/s and upload is 322 kb/s.

The thing that troubles me is I'm only getting 15~50 kb/s download which is really annoying but I'm getting 109ish upload speed.

The max I've had it was 700 kb/s and I know it depends on whoever I'm connected to but 15~50 kb/s everyday is just not right :/

Hope you guys can help!

Oh, I'm on Windows XP SP1 and both upload and download is set to unlimited.


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Huh? Are you even performing the speed test properly? A 3mbit/s connection can't even go NEAR 700KiB/s in speed...

Make sure you run the test with every other internet-related application stopped and exited besides the browser window doing the testing. And pick a test mirror closest to your geographical location. What's more, you should be selecting your upload speed in the Speed Guide.

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Oops, sorry - Ultima, made a mistake - my broadband is upto 18mb - my bad, what I stated before was not correct....here's my speed test results.


Switeck, I assume that's going from my previous post? So I should choose a different setting?

Thanks again.

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