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Hostname not found?


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  • 3 weeks later...

I just encountered this problem, but its onset was a little more sudden.

Re-enthused about Torrents by a great review this App recieved, I dloaded. Very happy so far, even without propper routing setup it was still working quite smoothly. Ok so I got all the port forwarding sorted, and not I get my Network Ok message downt the bottom.

Last time I closed then reopened utorrent, it was unable to connect to any trackers, with the message "hostname not found" on all 4 that were finding them fine a few minutes ago.

I would appreciate any suggestions. None of the torrents are able to refresh lists of peers or seeders, so its rather disrupting things at the moment. While typing this I restarted that machine, and its still the same.


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ok cancel that. When changing to fixed IP, I borked normal browsing. Nothing a system reset couldnt sort in the end.

This is oficially the easiest torrent client I have ever set up here. and I am currently enjoying faster speeds than I ever have before. Many thanks :D

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