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utorrent used port being abuseD?


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ok i know this may not be exactly related to this forum but i could not find a better place on utorrent forums

I've running utorrent for months now but for the 1st time something about it freakin me out...

the port used on utorrent now is being abused @ rate of 1-5 times per second... thats what zonealarm is showing me.... and tell ya what... utorrent is not even running at the time this is happening (i checked the processes to make sure)

what do u think this could be... I've also posted on ZA forums to seek firewall ppl help but since this strictly is the port used on utorrent... i thought i may get a clue here also

though firewall is blocking all of those TCP/UDP inbound attempts... the number is amazingly very high and is increasing at an enormous rate!! and when i run utorrent everything seems to be working fine

the main problem is i have to disable my ZA firewall in order to use SAM 2003 for college class... (it crashes while online thru a firewall and restarts winxp)

i tried disable/enable the connection - repair the connection - i even turn my pc off and back on in 2 hours and connection is just hugged with these weird intrusions

blue monitors on LAN conenction indicator in taskbar are constantly on from the minute win xp starts up without any software running to use the connection

I've never seen something like this happening to me before!

any suggestions (btw i ran spybot S&D and Ad-aware SE with deepest scan possible, nothing was found, also ran ZA virus/spyware search with thourough options and nothin showed up as a risk again...)

So clueless and worried :(! someone holla at me!

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okay...i get it... thnx knight!

so i unplugged all the power from modem and my pc and let it sit for a few minutes.... turned on... my ip changed this time and i dont get any of those activities anymore

now i have 2 more questions

1.What do u personally recommend as a firewall replacement software which is not as dumb as zonealarm... i have no idea which firewalls are good since i've always heard on rating websites that zone alarm ranks in the top3 or top5 anyways... i dont trust them much... rather get a word of mouth from someone who is experienced and also happy with another firewall so plz give me more info on a better firewall

2.So u think what happened to me today is ok? i mean i exited utorrent and even restarted windows... but i was still transfering data... without the software running!!!

Does that happen often to u guys also? I just am not too familiar with networking stuff (but consider me a savvy n00b :P)

thats the reason i freaked out... they also checked my hijackthis log on ZA forum and said nothing seems to be wrong but the guy did ask me if i used a p2p software recently on my pc... which i did... so i guess thats just a common issue which i should not worry about right??

I really appreciate if someone could clear the fog of my mind about this issue! cuz im still not quite comfortable seeing all those ppl trying to connect to me after i've killed the related process !! though my knowledge is pretty dam far from being complete!


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1> The windows firewall is usually plenty, and is actually overkill if you have a router. By the time any malicious software gets to your system, a software firewall is useless to block it anyway.

2> It's normal behavior, and not uncommon. It's just that most people who get it know what it is and ignore it.

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