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Port Forwarding is not working.


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So I tried to forward my port and did the whole portforward.com thing and I still have a yellow triangle. I entered exactly this into my router's web interface:

Utor1 (my static IP) both 5000/5000 (utorrent port) Always

And I do the port forward test and it says 5000 is not open.

I just did the Speedtest and got 175Kb/s as my download speed and 104 Kb/s as my upload speed. I had earlier had my connection type at xx/256k and changed it to xx/96k and went from getting 0 seeds to like 12 seeds. I don't know if that made a difference of if it was coincidential. I have my global maximum upload at 7 and download maximum at 100, I noticed these settings made a big difference. 7 seems to be my ideal upload maximum, lower and higher kill my download speeds. I don't know what to put for my global maximum download.

My current download speed for the 2.98 GB files I'm trying to download is around 29Kb/s, and upload is around 6-7Kb/s of course. I cannot get any higher of a download speed than 30.1Kb/s and probably won't be able to get any higher unless I can get my upload speed higher.

I had connected my computer directly to the modem instead of the router, and it didn't do anything. I still had the yellow triangle.

Here's the rest of my info:

Operating system: Windows XP

Security Software: CA anti-virus, standard Windows firewall, Yahoo Anti-Spy

Router model: D-Link DI-524 Modem Model: Westell 6100

ISP: Verizon

Connection type: DSL

Speedtest: DL-175Kb/s UL-104Kb/s

Any help on how to get my portforwarding to work, or what preference settings might help would be appreciated.

Edited: And I put Utorrent as an exception on my Firewall and even on the router Firewall, it says Utorrent is allowed.

And now it just changed to the red circle light.

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Hi, You have the Dreaded 2 Router Syndrome.. But there is hope have a look at this Guide on this issue and what to do about it:


You can Skip the part about finding out if your Modem is a router because it is a Combo unit. Just skip to the part about turning your Router into a Switch/Hub/WAP!!


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