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µtorrents bad Upload handling


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Hi there,

I notice it everytime when I download from µtorrent Seeders or Seed with my µtorrent (1.6.1).

On the Uploads µtorrent handles them sequentiell so that EVERY Leecher is at the same (percent) level than the

others. This is very bad, cause if there are some slow Leechers in the row, the whole bunch has to wait for their

acknolegde if their downloaded package :-( I further times, when I used bitcomet (for example) the downloads

are handled that the packages are send to the Leechers by their requested number and not sequential to every-

body the same package.

So, is there a way to change the programm (by the programmer) to make µtorrent handles the Ups in a better way?

Tnx, Passi

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Unfortunately, it is not in clear enough english to understand (quite honestly, it looks like it got munched alive by babelfish). Additionally, you don't need to press enter at the end of the line of the post entry box.

The ONLY (and I do mean ONLY) situation where uTorrent even bothers trying to enforce any piece order is in initial seed mode. In this mode, uTorrent will refuse to upload pieces out of order, and will refuse to upload a piece that it sees already among connected peers.

When seeding normally, pieces are given out randomly as requested.

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Sorry for beeing not so familiar with a foreign language as anybody who lives it :-)

I'll never use "initial seeding" but on my uploads all leechers finishing at the same time. No matters the one which begins earlier or not :-( Is there a global option in setup (which I might not see) which enables initial seed to all Ups?


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No, there is no way to default initial-seed, because outside of being the originating seed or a reseeder it's bad for swarm performance. People would stupidly turn it on thinking it's better.

If you're the source, it could simply be that peers are catching up quickly or otherwise abusing your piece availability.

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I am pretty sure you are misreading the situation.

People can typically download a lot faster than they can upload.

Also, even with a small torrent swarm, often there is 1 ip that is so fast that it can upload to everyone without problems.

So a lone seeder becomes the limiting factor. Within 1 minute of it completing an upload of a piece to a peer, ALL the peers have it...thus ALL the peers have the same percentage complete.

Even when the seeder/s aren't the only limiting factor, many peers will still have a close range of percentage complete due to them trading pieces. The faster ones will preference other fast peers to upload to...until they have all the available pieces the other peers have...and then they'll upload to the slower peers simply because they'll have no one else to upload to. ...At least till the seed/s complete uploading of another piece.

And no, the pieces completed are almost certainly NOT in sequential order! Check the availability bar.

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