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quick question i hope...


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i am switching from bittorrent to utorrent to be able to select which files i want to download in a huge package download....

when i tried to download after installing utorrent it kept going to bittorrent so i uninstalled bittorrent and now it doesn't recognize that there is still utorrent to download....i am hoping it is just a setting i missed...i already made utorrent my default.

any suggestions?

it keeps saying invalid menu handle

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i tried that link and tried to follow what it said to do:

"If it is Explorer or other programs giving the error, you may need to right click a .torrent file, Open With -> Browse, look for µTorrent and check "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file.""

where do i find the ".torrent file" to right click on to ask it to "open with->"? i'm sorry i seem like such a newb but i have never had this problem before.

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