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μFilter - automatic ipfilter.dat generator with μTorrent detection


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μFilter - automatic ipfilter.dat generator with μTorrent detection.

This program intended for automatic generation of IP filter for torrent client from given source of allowed networks in CIDR or RIPE format (ideal for Home-LAN users with free local traffic and expensive external traffic (e.g. ukrainian UA-IX), etc).

What it does:

- downloads network list from specified in ini-file URL (e.g. http://noc.ix.net.ua/ua-list.txt)

- optimizes network list by merging subnets, etc.

- converts network list to ipfilter.dat format

- saves ipfilter.dat to specified directory (or automatically to uTorrent profile)

Download - Here

PS: sorry about screenshots in Russian instead of English. If you want english interface - change LANGUAGE variable in ipfilter.ini file in "conf" subfolder of installation dir:


; User interface language. Valid are english, russian and ukrainian

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