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'Download Limited' displayed, but not by me!!!


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Hi All,

I've recently noticed that 'Download Limited' is displayed in the footer bar of uTorrent, and the Download indicator to the right of the footer bar shows '[30]', so I guess my downloads are being limited to 30K.

But in settings, I have not set any limitations. Bringing up the properties for each of 3 downloads I'm running shows the download limit set to '0', which should be unlimited, and the options|preferences\downloadslimit is also set to 0. I have tried setting the global rate to something silly (2K), and indeed the limit shows 2K, but then I tried to set it to 40, and it still showed 30. I tried to set it to 5000, and it still showed 30. I reset it back to 0, and it's still showing 30!

Oh, and the scheduler is definitely off! ;)

What setting is causing this, and where can I change it??

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