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No Upload Speed At All!!


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Lets see

My uTorrent's speed was fine for a long time till recently. First it was saying i had no incoming connections and that the port wasn't forwarding and my upload speed lowered to about 50kbs. Well after a while of trying to fix this, i finally got incoming connections but still no port forwarding. Well tonight it all went down the drain. My upload speed is now at 0 and iI have tried adjusting my ports, but it only brings it up by one number then it quickly decreases back to zero. The weird thing tho is now it says my ports are forwarding correctly. I have read the forums and tried what they have said, reinstalled, messed with the preferences, speed, and I don't know what else to do.

My port is speedstreem 4200

my dsl IPS is alltel.net

Windows XP Home Edition

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