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Problem with seeding files on startup.


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My set up is such that I need to move completed files to an archive area. Downloading files are in the PCs HD.

I have set up uTorrent so moves them to a temporary area where I can see them so that I can process them.

I performed this task on all the files by removing from uTorrent. Moving the physical files then Add..(No default) It then checked them and all was well. I did notice when it had checked them it placed a .torrent in the completed directory. But I just deleted this and it was fine.

All was well until the remote file server was offline and I started uTorrent. It could not find the files so marked as error. I fixed the issue and then had to add them all in again to get them online.

Now every time I stop uTorrent all the files that had failed need to be removed then added before I can offer them to others. One at a time. Failure message is Failure can't open .torrent file is c:\....(The temporary area where uTorrent moves them when the download is complete)

Any ideas how to resolve this issue?

Great program btw.

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