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Individual Torrent Speed History


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It's probably been requested before but I couldn't find it here or in the Trash section...

Basically the same way the General, Peers, Pieces and Files tabs change information based on which torrent is selected, the Speed tab could do the same. Only show the specific speed history in the Speed tab for one selected torrent, if more than one or no torrents are selected, then it can show the overall speed history how it does now.

It would probably help most on lower availability torrents that the download speed can vary greatly. This way you could see what has been going on with the torrent.

The information is already existent since it does show individual torrent speeds in the torrent list it would just need to record it the same as the overall speed... so it doesn't sound like a big overhaul.


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Touche ;)

Keeping on topic though.. how would it be displayed if no torrents are selected? And would the Speed tab have to be re-selected to change the display of the graph? As it is the only time the graph "changes" is when the drop downs are messed with, and as such it would require another alternate event (perhaps another drop down or checkbox) to differ the information displayed on the graph. I think some more discussion about possible useful implementations may push certain people over the edge as far as "hey that's a good idea" :P

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