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Everytime I close and then reopen uTorrent I have to wait (cont'd)


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for all of the in progress downloads to recheck one at a time and it takes forever. What do I do? This has just started happening recently and for no apparent reason. Nothing else is screwball on my PC so I can't figure it out. And I've already tried stopping my downloads before closing thinking that I would just restart them when I came back in but nope; they are still "checking". What a pain.

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I'm using Beta 1.7.

I tried finding an aswer in the help manual but no luck. I haven't developed the vocabulary yet, you know? Anyway. Is there something I can do to find out if there are other programs that are accessing and opening the partially downloaded files thereby forcing that they be rechecked when I go back into uTorrent? This has been offered as a possibility. But how do I find out? I have the following viewers installed on my computer;

Windows Media Player (Windows 2000 and the older one)

Nero Showtime

Power DVD



Maybe some other program is acting funny and opening them while uTorrent in closed but how on earth can I determine which one and why? Because waiting for the downloads to recheck themselves EVERY BLOODY TIME I launch uTorrent is first of all, STUPID and secondly, not something I had to put up with for the longest time. And all I've downloaded in recent weeks have been utilities designed to IMPROVE my system's performance (PC Doc Pro, Registry Mechanic, Error Killer, etc.).

Maybe I should just delete all of my torrents and the program and just start all over. Although I'd prefer not to. Perhaps you can offer some tips? Thanks.

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