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Logo (56kers beware)


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Shrill's definitely has character and was funny as hell when I first saw it, but it's just not bright/eye-catchy enough for my taste. Doesnt have that 3Dimensional feel to it IMO. The more I work on these in Photoshop and the more I see others' designs, the more I think that the mascot idea really isnt the way to go. I'm starting to favor the symbol idea more now(not the µ), but thats me.

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I really like the one you just put up BSH. But I like Shrill's due to it's character which should easily be related to utorrent if that is the way they go, and since it is so flat and simple it gives the vibe of being easy and small like utorrent. But both of your guys' designs are the way to go, I can see either of them being used, keep it up and hopefully both will get their due.

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the little alien looks good as a icon if you make a small modifications =

* remove the µ

* the glass on the helmet in a singel green/gray color

* make the black lines stronger

see =


I like that smaller guy of BloodStaindHurricane's latest ideas, but I think that Shrill's tribal guy is better for icons, t-shirst etc., so I still vote for tribal guy :)

Interesting idea, could be good idea :)

Can you post that little icon for download so we could see how it looks? I like the way both designs are going and that icon is really good.

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we've already got someone redesigning the web page :] ignorantcow is handling that

It's taking longer than I thought ;p

Shrill's preview pic already gives a good basis voor a website top/menu structure :P

I have the structure done- finally, I hope (after some modifications as requested by ludde), I am currently working on the content.

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kewl, so you have made a choice on which logo you will use? :D

That is for ludde to decide ;P

great, eager to see the result :)


hope we arent going to get ads plastered all over the place. not sure what youve made exactely but i was contemplating making a template for the forum if i get the time.

No choice really- ludde needs his income ;p The forum will recieve a basic wrapper.

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how does the bitdefender icon look like? (screenshot please :))


both are read' date=' but except for that its easy to tell them apart, or atleast I think so :P

I like the bloodcells better, because its not boring like shrills logo and to use the terms BSH used,

the bloodcells are bright and eye-catchy.

@TtWEAK: its an image edit, not an real icon, never thought anyone would ask for it,

but I will try to make an icon of it.

EDIT: ok, here the icon is TtWEAK = [url']http://rapidshare.de/files/8349835/ualien2.zip.html

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