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Logo (56kers beware)


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Has ludde said anything in regards to how the logos are coming?what style he's favoring? etc? Vixenfinder said that Shrill won, but I didnt know it was left up for vote by the community. Personally, I do not see the tribal guy as the ideal logo for utorrent. As I said before, it is a nice design with loads of character, but it doesnt say anything about the app. I wouldnt even go for any of my designs thus far really. It needs to be something to represent what attracted so many of us to this client in the first place. "Weightlessness, small, etc" The footprint idea that boo had was on the right track, but IMO wasnt executed at its best. It should appear as a footprint, not a shoeprint IMO. For example:


Other things that come to mind would be a wing, a feather, etc. A way of representing lightweight AND speed would be good. I would like to know what ludde thinks.

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I liked the hummingbird suggestion (elegant, swift, graceful, colorful) and was thinking about making some kind of silhouette of one in flight with some kind of swoosh thing around it, but I don't have the software/time/ability. Nevertheless, I did like the suggestion of a bird/feather/wing. Maybe someone could play around with the concept and expand our options a little more.

Or even some kind of Rikki-Tikki-Tavi mongoose. Speed, agility, that sort of thing. Ready? Go! ;)

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A feather or some sort of bird makes sense.

a hummingbird perhaps? ;)

edit: ahh, reading the prev post, i guess it was suggested before :P


The primary thinking behind the logo is:

tiny, cute, friendly, compact, small.

but using the little "warrior" character it also portrays:

strength, pride, power

There was also a subtle thing that MechR picked up on. The straight lines near his left eye. You can also see on the right side of his head it has straight edges. These were intended to show that he is in fact a robot.

This side of him represents: digital, advanced, micro(chip), an application/tool.

it's not rock solid ofcourse, but it's viable enough for me :)

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Well, I came across this thread and though I don't have anything to do so might as well try to make a quick logo (not so much logo but banner)

Pretty much I reckon the main part of these is the font, which is called Tribal Two.

All these images where made with Blender3D.

This one is just pretty much text


This one has a Red Sphere.


With the red sphere plus a slogan (yeh its not good but at least im trying)


This one is more of splash screen. (Click to go to larger version :P)


Oh well, just though might as well post them. :P

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I also like the idea of a hummingbird...unfortunately it's going to be very, very difficult to design something like that from scratch and make it look awesome... :(

On another note: where are all the Professional Photoshoppers? :P I think I'm going to start threads all over the Web and gather designs from everyone... :/

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I also love the little tribal man. You could use the (almost) mono color image for the icon and the shaded one for the logo.

And I think putting BSHs logo into the tribal guys hand is a bad idea. It might look better to do it the other way around:




I also made the tribal guy a bit more bluish. (I think it makes him look even more micro)

And since we're going for the borg approach I think it'd be really cool to add "Resistance is futile" in the logo (instead of "the fastest growing client") Its also more meaningfull. (It says "its pointless to look for another bt client. we are perfection" :P)

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